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[texts]Simulating entangled sources by classically correlated sources and quantum imaging - Morton H. Rubin
We discuss the problem of when a set of measurements made on an entangled source can be simulated with a classically correlated source. This is discussed in general and some examples are given. The question of which aspects of quantum imaging can be simulated by classically correlated sources is examined.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Entanglement and State Preparation - Morton H. Rubin
When a subset of particles in an entangled state is measured, the state of the subset of unmeasured particles is determined by the outcome of the measurement. This first measurement may be thought of as a state preparation for the remaining particles. In this paper, we examine how the duration of the first measurement effects the state of the unmeasured subsystem. The state of the unmeasured subsytem will be a pure or mixed state depending on the nature of the measurement...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Notes on Justus van Ghent (Volume 14) - Bernath, Morton H.
"Notes on Justus van Ghent" is an article from American Journal of Archaeology, Volume 14. View more articles from American Journal of Archaeology.View this article on JSTOR.View this article's JSTOR metadata.You may also retrieve all of this items metadata in JSON at the following URL: https://archive.org/metadata/jstor-497135
Downloads: 35
[texts]Notes on Central Italian Painters (Volume 15) - Bernath, Morton H.
"Notes on Central Italian Painters" is an article from American Journal of Archaeology, Volume 15. View more articles from American Journal of Archaeology.View this article on JSTOR.View this article's JSTOR metadata.You may also retrieve all of this items metadata in JSON at the following URL: https://archive.org/metadata/jstor-497413
Downloads: 21
[texts]Notice sur quelques beaux manuscrits à peintures conservés en Allemagne - Bernath, Morton H., 1886-
Extract from: Bulletin de la Société française de reproductions de manuscrits à peintures (année 1912)
Keywords: Illumination of books and manuscripts; Manuscripts
Downloads: 129
[texts]Quantum Mechanics of a Two Photon State - Rubin, Morton H
We review the formalism for describing the two photon state produced in spontaneous parametric down conversion.
Downloads: 108
[texts]Further Notes on Justus van Ghent (Volume 14) - Bernath, Morton H.
"Further Notes on Justus van Ghent" is an article from American Journal of Archaeology, Volume 14. View more articles from American Journal of Archaeology.View this article on JSTOR.View this article's JSTOR metadata.You may also retrieve all of this items metadata in JSON at the following URL: https://archive.org/metadata/jstor-497148
Downloads: 39
[texts]Distinction of Tripartite Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and W States Entangled in Time (or Energy) and Space - Jianming Wen
In tripartite discrete systems, two classes of genuine tripartite entanglement have been discovered, namely, the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) class and the W class. To date, much research effort has been concentrated on the polarization entangled three-photon GHZ and W states. Most studies of continuous variable multiparticle entanglement have been focused on Gaussian states. In this Brief Report, we examine two classes of three-photon entangled states in space and time...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Ghost Interference with Optical Parametric Amplifier - Sulakshana Thanvanthri
The 'Ghost' interference experiment is analyzed when the source of entangled photons is a multimode Optical Parametric Amplifier(OPA) whose weak limit is the two-photon Spontaneous Parametric Downconversion(SPDC) beam. The visibility of the double-slit pattern is calculated, taking the finite coincidence time window of the photon counting detectors into account. It is found that the coincidence window and the bandwidth of light reaching the detectors play a crucial role in the loss of visibility...
Downloads: 8
[texts]The Theory of Two-Photon Interference in an EIT System - Jianming Wen
We examine the possibility of storing and retrieving a single photon using electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT). We consider the theory of a proof of principle two-photon interference experiment, in which an atomic vapor cell is placed in one arm of a two-photon interferometer. Since the two-photon state is entangled, we can examine the degree to which entanglement survives. We show that while the experiment might be difficult, it should be possible to perform...
Downloads: 16
[texts]Science For Coalmining Students - Morton,H.

Keywords: TECHNOLOGY; Agriculture and related sciences and techniques. Forestry. Farming. Wildlife exploitation
Downloads: 701
[texts]Complete Separability and Fourier representations of n-qubit states - Arthur O. Pittenger
Necessary conditions for separability are most easily expressed in the computational basis, while sufficient conditions are most conveniently expressed in the spin basis. We use the Hadamard matrix to define the relationship between these two bases and to emphasize its interpretation as a Fourier transform. We then prove a general sufficient condition for complete separability in terms of the spin coefficients and give necessary and sufficient conditions for the complete separability of a class ...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Effects of mismatched transmissions on two-mode squeezing and EPR correlations with a slow light medium - Sulakshana Thanvanthri
We theoretically discuss the preservation of squeezing and continuous variable entanglement of two mode squeezed light when the two modes are subjected to unequal transmission. One of the modes is transmitted through a slow light medium while the other is sent through an optical fiber of unit transmission. Balanced homodyne detection is used to check the presence of squeezing. It is found that loss of squeezing occurs when the mismatch in the transmission of the two modes is greater than 40% whi...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Wigner Functions and Separability for Finite Systems - Arthur O. Pittenger
A discussion of discrete Wigner functions in phase space related to mutually unbiased bases is presented. This approach requires mathematical assumptions which limits it to systems with density matrices defined on complex Hilbert spaces of dimension p^n where p is a prime number. With this limitation it is possible to define a phase space and Wigner functions in close analogy to the continuous case...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Convexity and the Separability Problem of Quantum Mechanical Density Matrices - Arthur O. Pittenger
A finite dimensional quantum mechanical system is modeled by a density rho, a trace one, positive semi-definite matrix on a suitable tensor product space H[N] . For the system to demonstrate experimentally certain non-classical behavior, rho cannot be in S, a closed convex set of densities whose extreme points have a specificed tensor product form. Two mathematical problems in the quantum computing literature arise from this context: (1) the determination whether a given rho is in S and (2) a me...
Downloads: 10
[texts]Spatial Resolution Enhancement in Quantum Imaging beyond the Diffraction Limit Using Entangled Photon-Number State - Jianming Wen
In this paper we study the resolution of images illuminated by sources composed of $N+1$ photons in which one non-degenerate photon is entangled with $N$ degenerate photons. The $N$ degenerate photons illuminate an object and are collected by an $N$ photon detector. The signal from the $N$ photon detector is measured in coincidence with the non-degenerate photon giving rise to a ghost image. We discuss the case of three photons in various configurations and generalize to $N+1$...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Mutually Unbiased Bases, Generalized Spin Matrices and Separability - Arthur O. Pittenger
A collection of orthonormal bases for a complex dXd Hilbert space is called mutually unbiased (MUB) if for any two vectors v and w from different bases the square of the inner product equals 1/d: || ^{2}=1/d. The MUB problem is to prove or disprove the the existence of a maximal set of d+1 bases. It has been shown in [W. K. Wootters, B. D. Fields, Annals of Physics, 191, no. 2, 363-381, (1989)] that such a collection exists if d is a power of a prime number p...
Downloads: 5
[texts]The generation of entangled states from independent particle sources - Rubin, Morton H.
The generation of entangled states of two systems from product states is discussed for the case in which the paths of the two systems do not overlap. A particular method of measuring allows one to project out the nonlocal entangled state. An application to the production of four photon entangled states is outlined.
Downloads: 82
[texts]Note on Separability of the Werner states in arbitrary dimensions - Arthur O. Pittenger
Great progress has been made recently in establishing conditions for separability of a particular class of Werner densities on the tensor product space of $n$ $d$--level systems (qudits). In this brief note we complete the process of establishing necessary and sufficient conditions for separability of these Werner densities by proving the sufficient condition for general n and d.
Downloads: 8
[texts]Separability and Fourier representations of density matrices - Arthur O. Pittenger
Using the finite Fourier transform, we introduce a generalization of Pauli-spin matrices for $d$-dimensional spaces, and the resulting set of unitary matrices $S(d) $ is a basis for $d\times d$ matrices. If $N=d_{1}\times d_{2}\times...\times d_{b}$ and $H^{[ N]}=\bigotimes H^{% [ d_{k}]}$, we give a sufficient condition for separability of a density matrix $\rho $ relative to the $H^{[ d_{k}]}$ in terms of the $L_{1}$ norm of the spin coefficients of $\rho >.$ Since the spin representation depe...
Downloads: 11
[texts]The geometry of entanglement witnesses and local detection of entanglement - Arthur O. Pittenger
Let $H^{[ N]}=H^{[ d_{1}]}\otimes ... \otimes H^{[ d_{n}]}$ be a tensor product of Hilbert spaces and let $\tau_{0}$ be the closest separable state in the Hilbert-Schmidt norm to an entangled state $\rho_{0}$. Let $\tilde{\tau}_{0}$ denote the closest separable state to $\rho_{0}$ along the line segment from $I/N$ to $\rho_{0}$ where $I$ is the identity matrix. Following [pitrubmat] a witness $W_{0}$ detecting the entanglement of $\rho_{0}$ can be constructed in terms of $I, \tau_{0}$ and $\tild...
Downloads: 19
[texts]Narrow-Band Biphoton Generation near Atomic Resonance - Shengwang Du
Generating nonclassical light offers a benchmark tool for the fundamental research and potential applications in quantum optics. Conventionally, it has become a standard technique to produce the nonclassical light through the nonlinear optical processes occurring in nonlinear crystals. In this review we describe using cold atomic-gas media to generate such nonclassical light, especially focusing on narrow-band biphoton generation...
Downloads: 47
[texts]Two-Photon Beatings Using Biphotons Generated from a Two-Level System - Jianming Wen
We propose a two-photon beating experiment based upon biphotons generated from a resonant pumping two-level system operating in a backward geometry. On the one hand, the linear optical-response leads biphotons produced from two sidebands in the Mollow triplet to propagate with tunable refractive indices, while the central-component propagates with unity refractive index. The relative phase difference due to different refractive indices is analogous to the pathway-length difference between long-l...
Downloads: 11
[texts]Readings in anthropology (Volume 1) - Fried, Morton H. (Morton Herbert), 1923-1986, ed
v. 1. Physical anthropology, linguistics, and archeology.--v. 2. Cultural anthropology
Keywords: Anthropology
Downloads: 129
[texts]Comment on ``Dispersion-Independent High-Visibility Quantum Interference ... " - Yoon-Ho Kim
We show in this Comment that the interpretation of experimental data as well as the theory presented in Atat\"ure et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 618 (2000)] are incorrect and discuss why such a scheme cannot be used to "recover" high-visibility quantum interference.
[texts]Interferometric Bell-state preparation using femtosecond-pulse-pumped Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion - Yoon-Ho Kim
We present theoretical and experimental study of preparing maximally entangled two-photon polarization states, or Bell states, using femtosecond pulse pumped spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC). First, we show how the inherent distinguishability in femtosecond pulse pumped type-II SPDC can be removed by using an interferometric technique without spectral and amplitude post-selection. We then analyze the recently introduced Bell state preparation scheme using type-I SPDC...
Downloads: 6
[texts]First-order interference of nonclassical light emitted spontaneously at different times - Yoon-Ho Kim
We study first-order interference in spontaneous parametric down-conversion generated by two pump pulses that do not overlap in time. The observed modulation in the angular distribution of the signal detector counting rate can only be explained in terms of a quantum mechanical description based on biphoton states. The condition for observing interference in the signal channel is shown to depend on the parameters of the idler radiation.
Downloads: 11
[texts]Quantum interference by two temporally distinguishable pulses - Yoon-Ho Kim
We report a two-photon interference effect, in which the entangled photon pairs are generated from two laser pulses well-separated in time. In a single pump pulse case, interference effects did not occur in our experimental scheme. However, by introducing a second pump pulse delayed in time, quantum interference was then observed. The visibility of the interference fringes shows dependence on the delay time between two laser pulses...
Downloads: 5
[texts]This is Rome : a pilgrimage in words and pictures - Morton, H. V. (Henry Vollam), 1892-

Keywords: Pilgrims and pilgrimages
Downloads: 18
[texts]A report upon the drainage of agricultural lands in the Kankakee River Valley, Indiana (Volume no.80) - United States. Department of Agriculture
Cover title
Keywords: Drainage Kankakee River Valley (Ind; and Ill; ) Agricultural experiment stations United States; Agriculture Periodicals
Downloads: 6
[texts]French-English dictionary of machine gun terms - Malony, Harry James, 1889- [from old catalog]

Keywords: Military art and science; French language; English language; Machine-guns. [from old catalog]
Downloads: 458
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